Offset Printing Offer

We print standard products on offset or coated paper as well as on cardboard using sheet-fed offset technology.

We specialize in producing coloured books, booklets and catalogues bound in various ways.

Our specialties: catalogues, books and booklets bound in various ways

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is the most popular and least expensive type of binding, optimized for publications of up to several dozens of pages.

Also available: a loop staple option which allows for easy keeping of a series of booklets within ring binders.

Perfect Binding – softcover

Perfect binding is the most popular way of binding books, catalogues and thick magazines in soft cover. It is used to bind volumes from several dozens of pages up. Also available with one or two flaps.

Smyth Sewn Perfect Binding – softcover

It is a more durable and slightly more expensive way of binding compared to ordinary perfect binding. The signatures (of a book or a catalogue) are sewn before gluing. This type of binding is recommended for publications which may be excessively used - such as, for example, product catalogues.

Smyth sewn case binding – hardcover

Smyth sewn case binding is the most prestigious, durable and hence the most expensive type of binding. Usually reserved for prestigious books, albums, and collectors’ publications. The gathered and then Smyth sewn signatures are glued into a special kind of "case" - a cover made out of cardboard 2 to 3 mm thick.

Wire-O Binding

It is a special kind of binding used primarily for multi-sheet wall calendars. It is also a good solution for binding some catalogues and books.