Each order is a separate process. It begins when the customer asks for a quote and ends with the delivery of the product.

Our process management system is based on the integrated MIS solution, which allows estimating, approval and execution coordination, as well as planning the production on individual machines, assigning specific tasks to co-workers, logistics and invoicing – all in one environment.


Following a quote request, preferably an email, our Marketing Specialist prepares an estimate. Then the estimate is sent to the customer by email.

Setting deadlines

When the customer accepts the price, our Marketing Specialist fixes the dates for the transfer of graphic design files and the approval of the rasterized graphic design images (soft proof). The arrangements are then forwarded to the Production Manager who usually verifies them within 30 minutes against the production schedules and determines when the order can be printed and bound. Then he sends the feedback to the Marketing Specialist who forwards it to the customer.

Order confirmation

After fixing the prices and dates the Marketing Specialist converts the estimate into an order and generates an email with order confirmation. This confirmation is sent to the customer for thorough verification and final approval.

Preparation of production

When a new order is placed, the Production Manager includes the planned duration of particular processes necessary for its production in the production schedules and makes a number of technological decisions to optimize printing and postpress.


After receiving the graphic design files form the customer our CTP Operator checks the files and the graphic design itself for compliance with the order parameters and the correct setup for offset printing. In the case of errors he informs the Marketing Specialist who sends an email to the customer with the verification report detailing potential errors. If the errors are non-critical or there are no errors at all the CTP Operator rasterizes the design image and makes it available to the customer for approval. The actual CTP plate setting takes place only after the rasterized image approval. The plate setting involves burning of the design image on a photosensitive emulsion-coated aluminium plates in four basic colours or more if Pantone is necessary.


Then in the printing process our state-of-the-art printing machinery controlled by the operators offset the design image from the plates onto the paper sheets. The intensity of the colours and the precision of matching of the impressions in four consecutive basic colours are controlled by specialized hardware and software that ensure reproducibility and compliance with the design.

Post-press bookbinding workshop

The printed sheets are then subjected to possible refinement in order to be finally provided to our experienced bookbinders, who use modern machines to treat them appropriately - depending on the type of the end product - they cut, cut off, fold, stitch and/or bind, and finally pack.


Our Logistics team, depending on our customers’ requirements, releases finished products on the spot or sends them by courier.